Tiana Eat Up!

My Journey

I'm a  teacher with  a passion for food,  music,  and picture books. 

I didn't always want to be an author, or a teacher;  I toyed with many dreams and ambitions along the way, including being a professional footballer and a guitarist!

But life has a funny way of aligning your passions up with your day job!

So my new journey as an author starts here,  with my very first children's picture book, Tiana Eat Up! 

This story is loosely based around my daughter's 1st experience with cultural food. She loved what she knew, what was offered at school and what was shown on billboards and in TV shows. She was not so keen on what was unfamiliar!  This got me thinking and lead me to create a story that would be relatable, fun and educational.

I hope you enjoy the book, don't be afraid to get in contact and share your views. 

My Books and merchandise 

This book inspired me to try new foods and I really like the grandma's accent! 

Ava, 8




There are no upcoming events but if you would like details on author visits please email toyesunday@live.com for more details 



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